Landscape Plants

The Botanic Gardens of Oak Park

Want to smile every time you drive up to your home? A beautiful, intriguing, engaging front yard – especially one that speaks to YOUR interests – does it every time.

The Botanic Gardens of Oak Park helps you achieve that “smile”. Pick your garden style. They’re all here. Manicured landscapes, wildflower pollinator gardens, front yard vegetable gardens, gardens that brim with color, harmonize textures, or display year ‘round evergreens. We include garden approaches from lush organic lawns and organic edible gardens to conventional methods using chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pest controls. One of these is you. Tour and see which one “fits.”

Got your style? Now the fun part – choose your plants. There are literally thousands of plant species and cultivated varieties. They come in all heights, shapes, and colors and leaf textures. The Botanic Gardens of Oak Park is your guide. Check out our tree, shrub or flower of the week. See something you like but don’t know what it is? Send us a photo and we will tell you. Want native plants, click on our community partner, The Wild Ones.

Want an organic lawn, click on GoGreen Oak Park in our Local Groups Directory. Need design help, click on the professional partners and find someone whose work speaks to you. Need help growing organically without chemicals, get help from the Edible Gardening Co-op in person or online through their Edible Gardening Google Group.

We want you to smile – every time you walk into or out of your front door. And with your help, we can, together, bring those smiles to all 500 or so blocks in Oak Park.

So whether you are just getting started, or are looking to tweak you already beautiful front yard, the Botanic Gardens of Oak Park is the platform that allows all of us to work together in creating the most beautiful town in America.

Become a member of The Learning Gardens which includes an option to add your garden to our the Oak Park Botanic Gardens. See our Calendar for events and workshops. See our Resources page for ideas, services, recommended vendors and much more.