Oak Park Arboretum

Welcome to the Oak Park Arboretum,  “a place where trees and shrubs are grown for scientific, educational, or aesthetic reasons and can be seen and studied by the public.”

On Arbor Day, 2015, the Morton Arboretum declared all 18,000 trees on our parkways and all 2,200 trees in our parks the Oak Park Arboretum.  Only the fifth city in America to be so honored.  With over 130 species of trees in the collection, the typical block displays 12 to 15 different species.  Where’s the Arboretum?  You’re living in it.

Want to know what tree is in bloom? Check our tree of the week.

Want to know what tree is growing in front of your house? Click on our tree finder and follow the prompts.  In fact, you can do this for any tree, on any block, at any address.

Want to plant your own tree in the parkway?  Yes, you can, but check with the Village forester at the Dept. of Public Works first.

Want to learn more about the trees on your block? Click on our block party program to schedule a docent.

Have a front yard tree that’s unusual?  Consider “loaning” it to the Arboretum.  Build the inventory at $0 cost to the taxpayers.  

Built of thin air and water, our trees not only remove carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) from the air, but also return pure oxygen for us to breathe.  Trees – both a benefit and a joy.